• Includes air matresses, pillows and sleeping bags
  • This tent is built and ready to use
  • Waterproof, stay dark and cool in the morning.
  • A sustainable, pre-pitched, cardboard solution.
  • Fits 2 persons comfortably
  • 160cm x 220 cm
  • Only sold for 4 days
  • ATTN! The camping area ticket is bought separately
  • For more info, visit

199 €

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  • Only sold for 4 days
  • Maximum tent size 4m x 4m
  • If you have a bigger tent send us an email
  • ATTN! The camping area ticket is bought separately

49 €

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  • Tent can be taken with you as a gift/reminder
  • Only sold for 4 days
  • This tent is built and ready to use
  • Size 2,10m x 1,80m
  • Tent is made for 2 persons (In case you don't mind a little intimacy you can fit 3-4 persons)
  • Does not include sleeping bags or matresses
  • ATTN! The camping area ticket is bought separately

99 €

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  • Only sold for 4 days
  • A bit more luxurious than the priority-tent
  • The Bungalow is a tent that built on a platform which is built ready for you
  • Made for 2 persons
  • Includes electricity and air-mattresses
  • ATTN! The deckchairs in the picture are not included
  • Please note, that the bungalow cannot be locked
  • ATTN! The camping area ticket is bought separately

299 €

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  • Only sold for 4 days
  • Includes electricity
  • ATTN! The camping area ticket is bought separately.

65 €

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Camping area will open on Thursday 6.6.2019 at 12:00

Checkout on Monday 10.6.2019 at 12:00!

Owners of Priority tents can take the tent with them as they leave the festival site!

RV and tent camping check in times:

Thu 12:00 – 21:00
Fri 12:00 – 21:00
Sat 12:00 – 21:00
Sun 12:00 – 21:00

Camping area services:




  1. A camping area ticket is required for everyone wanting to stay at the camping area.
  2. Like the festival, you must be at least 18 years old to enter the camping area.
  3. Visitors are responsible for their own possessions. The camping area is not responsible for any loss or damage of private of personal belongings. Trading in the area without the owners approval is prohibited.
  4. Keep the area clean. The area is equipped with garbage disposal spots and visitors are responsible, for keeping their camping spot in clean condition and cleaning it up before leaving.
  5. It is absolutely forbidden to bring any kind of weapons, explosives, fireworks, drugs, dangerous objects or dangerous substances to the camping area. Persons in possession of such items will be removed from the area immediately.
  6. Open fires and any kind of barbecues are not allowed.
  7. Bringing pets to the area is not allowed.
  8. The area must be silent for 4 am to 10 am. If you are arriving to the area late at night (or early in the morning) be aware of your fellow festival visitors and keep your partying respectful to others.
  9. Please enjoy your stay! You can drink your own alcoholic beverages but glass bottles are not allowed to the area!
  10. Persons not following these simple rules, can be removed form the camping area. The staff have the right to remove people from the area who have after a warning decided not to follow the law, rules of the area or staff demands. A person who is removed has no right for a refund!
  11. Staff and security are available 24/7 for all camping visitors.
  12. Please be human.

4. FAQ

We have 3 people coming for 3 days for festivals. We want to stay 2 nights in our tent. How do I buy tickets and accommodation tickets?
– First you get the 3-day festival ticket and then the camping access for the 2 nights you are staying for each person. In addition, you must also get your own tent spot.

Can I stay at a parking lot?
– You can not

Can I stay in my car if I have a camping ticket?
Unfortunately, the accommodation in the car is unfortunately prohibited

Can I stay in an RV if I buy a cmaping ticket?
– Yes. In addition to the RV access ticke, you will need to purchase a camping ticket for all those who stay in your RV.

If you can’t find what you are looking for please ask us at