Hyvinkää Airfield, Finland. See on map »

By Train

VR is the states railway company. They will be able to assist you to get to Hyvinkää.

VIP Taxi straight to the festival area

For the first time it’s possible to order your own VIP Taxi to Rockfest. Call 09-274 6900 to order, you’ll get straight to the festival area and withouth queuing. The VIP Taxis are mini vans and fit 8 persons. They’re also wheelchair accessible.

The price includes one way trip, either from your address to Rockfest or other way around. Call and ask for price if there’s more than 8 persons or there’s multiple addresses.

VIP Taxis have their own exclusive entrance to the festival.

We recommend booking the VIP Taxi early to get the best available transport time, latest by 5th of June 12.00 pm. Limited amount of transports available. The price will be paid in online store after reservation.


Area 1, 1-4 persons 95 €, 5-8 persons 125 €

Area 2, 1-4 persons 130 €, 5-8 persons 170 €

Area 3, 1-4 persons 180 €, 5-8 persons 235 €

Area map here

By Bus

Korsisaari hosts this years charter buses straight to Rockfest on every festival day. It’s also possible to get back home every day after last headliner. All routes are available here.

Charters will arrive to Rockfest, Hyvinkää airfield when the gates will open and will head back about 30 minutes after the last headliner.

20 passengers are needed in order for the trip to happen. Korsisaari will inform the ticket buyers by email about the trip and the situation will be informed at the website.

See below the cities where the charters will run and buy tickets:

Turku – Salo – Rockfest

Tampere – Hämeenlinna – Rockfest

Pori – Rauma – Huittinen – Forssa – Rockfest

Jyväskylä – Rockfest

Seinäjoki – Parkano – Rockfest

Lappeenranta – Rockfest

Kouvola – Rockfest

Kotka – Loviisa – Porvoo – Rockfest

Mikkeli – Heinola – Rockfest

Hanko – Tammisaari – Karjaa – Lohja – Rockfest

Helsinki – Rockfest

Klaukkala – Nurmijärvi – Rajamäki – Rockfest

Lahti – Rockfest

Helsinki Local Trip planner

Please check the local trip planner here »

By Car

It is pretty easy to find your way to Hyvinkää by car. E12  will bring you directly to Hyvinkää.  We recommend you come by public transport as the small local roads migh be congested during the festival.


Drop – point

Festival guests will have to be picked up from the drop-point, location will be revealed closer to the festival.


The parking ticket must be bought in advance and must be presented upon arrival.  The parking area must be kept free from people and sleeping at the parking area is not allowed. The parking ticket entitles you to enter and leave the area one time per day.

You will need 1 parking ticket/car.

Limited space available. ATTN! Buy your ticket in advance!

Parking tickets will be available closer to the festival.


We will arrange festival shuttle busses from the center of Hyvinkää to the festival area. You can buy return ticket in advance from our online ticket shop or near the bus stop from our bus ticket tent.

Buses to the festival area

In the center of Hyvinkää, next to the Willa shopping mall, shuttle buses run to the festival gates.

These buses run continuously during the festival opening hours.

The traffic begins on festive days 1 hour before the opening of the festivals.

After the show

After the festival day, buses may get crowded in some places, so we ask patience from our guests. In the evening, buses run from the festival district to Willa shopping center and Hyvinkää train station. Buses run on a nonstop basis, the bus leaves as soon as it’s filled with passangers.

Shuttle buses stop running 1h after the last performer.

To the camping site

Buses will leave from the Hyvinkää railway station and go back and forth to the camping site and back. These will operate continuously during the festival.


If you feel sporty and have some extra energy you can also come with a bicycle as we have a bicycle parking also. We will announce more closer to the festival.


If you have good friends that want to give you a ride to the festival we have a special drop off- and pick up point by the festival area.

We will point out these places closer to the festival.

6. FAQ

How do I get to Hyvinkää?
– You can get to Hyvinkää by train, buss, car, motorcycle or even with a golf cart