Rockfest Ambassador

Become a Rockfest ambassador!

Earn unique experiences and prices by selling Rockfest tickets to your aquintances

Earn meet & greet with Turmion Kätilöt

Basic, Priority or VIP tickets to Rockfest or Rainbow concert

VIP tickets, camping package and backstage tour for two

And many more exclusive prices available!

How does the ambassador program work?

You will earn points from tickets you are selling to your friends and acquaintances. You can claim prices with you points from the ambassador program ´s control panel. The more points you have, you can earn more exclusive prices for you and your friends! To make this all easier, your buyers will get a small Rockfest package when they will buy a ticket from you.

Our Community Manager is available for you for the duration of the campaign. If you have any questions or want advices how to sell more, just reach out to the Community Manager. You will also be updated about the latest festival news.

How can I sell tickets?

Create an ambassador account

Log in and click “Start selling”

Select the ticket category and amount you want to sell to your friends

Enter your friends name, e-mail and phone number to send them a ticket link

When your friend buys a ticket from you the points will be added to your Verve account. You can spend your points as soon as you have enough points for the first prize, or you can save your points to a better one!

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Rockfest Ambassador program

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