Cleopatrick on joutunut peruuttamaan esiintymisensä Rockfestissa

Korvaavaksi esiintyjäksi Red Stagelle nousee Kissa.

Alla Cleopatrick jäsenten terveiset faneille:

“To our friends and fans at Rockfest 2022. Unfortunately, during our travels to play for you, all 7 bags of our personal belongings and musical equipment were lost by our airline. After 2 stressful days of trying and failing to locate our lost equipment, we are facing the painful reality that these missing items are required in order to fulfill the standards of performance that our Finnish fans deserve. With that being said, we are unfortunately no longer going to be able to perform at Rockfest 2022.  We are so sorry, and promise we will be back to Finland as soon as possible. Sending love and appreciation to the Rockfest organizers for the help during this incredibly frustrating situation. Thank you for understanding,

Luke and Ian”

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