See you again in 2023!

2 - 4 June 2022 Rockfest Hyvinkää Airport

Rock Phenomenom of the Year!

See you in Hyvinkää Airport in 2022!

Rockfest will return back to Hyvinkää Airport and the venue as well as the festival will be better than ever, in every way. Rockfest program is out now – see 35 bands live at Hyvinkää Airport!
Festival tickets as well as VIP and premium tickets are on sale now: Tiketti and Lippu. fi. Some ticket types are already SOLD OUT!

You can buy tickets in advance from TIKETTI or LIPPUPISTE.

  • FESTIVAL TICKETS: 3 days 219 €, 2 days (Thu-Fri) 169€, 2 days (Fri-Sat) 179 €, 1 day Thu / Fri 129 €, 1 day Sat 139 €
  • PREMIUM TICKETS: 3 days 289 €, 1 day Thu / Fri 155 €, 1 day Sat 165 €
  • VIP TICKETS:  1 day Thu / Fri 179 €.  Sold out: 3 days 359 €, 1 day Sat 189 € 

The official festival ticket vendors are TIKETTI and LIPPUPISTE. We recommend you not to buy ticket from anywhere else. Tickets will be checked at the gates when you arrive to the festival park.

Advance tickets will be changed to festival wristbands near the main gate in wristband change booth. The wristband change will open half an hour before main gate opens. With the wristband you can exit from the festival park and come back. The festival wristband is personal. Don’t take it off until the festival ends. Lost or broken wristbands won’t be changed to new.

Rockfest VIP

  • Entry to the festival area trough VIP entrance
  • VIP pass and wristband
  • VIP food (Buffet style)
  • VIP-area with a view to the both stages
  • Services in the VIP area with a bar and own toilets
  • Special program in the VIP area

Delivery fee is included to the ticket prices.

Buy tickets in advance from TIKETTI or LIPPUPISTE.

Rockfest Premium

  • Entry to the festival area trough VIP entrance
  • Premium-area with a view to the main stage
  • Services in the Premium area with a bar and own toilets
  • Special program in the Premium area

Delivery fee is included to the ticket prices.

Buy tickets in advance from TIKETTI or LIPPUPISTE.

Age limit is 18 years with no exeptions.

Rockfest is held at the airport, so part of the festival area is a paved field at the runways. The area is fairly accessible to wheelchair customers but in some places the terrain may be uneven. There are also accessible toilets in the area, as well as wheelchair platforms in the vicinity of the stages. We also have a toilet cars. More information about the toilet card you can find here.

An assistant can always have a free access to the festival with a client who needs an assistant for their daily activities or transactions. The facilitator must arrive at the ticket office at the same time as the assisted person, where the matter will be handled. The ticket office is located near the main gate of the festival. The assistant will receive a wristband entitling them to enter the area. Wristband does not need to be booked in advance. Bringing an assistant card, disability card or visually impaired card will expedite entry – but is not mandatory.

The “wheelchair ticket” sold in ticket shops is only for a wheelchair user. Other customers who need an assistant for their day-to-day operations will purchase a regular ticket.

If the VIP customer needs an assistant, the assistant will of course also be able to enter the VIP area with the customer. However, VIP dining is not included for the assistant and can be purchased separately from the ticket office.

Questions about accessibility? Contact us by e-mail

At the festival area means of payments are cash and cards.

The festival area is located in Hyvinkää Airport. Getting there by car is via Highway 3 (E12 / Hämeenlinnanväylä.) We recommend the public transportation as the local traffic is very likely.

Getting to the festival area:


Buy 3-day ticket in advance 20€ from Tiketti.

1-day and single tickets are available on the bus:

3-day ticket 25€

1-day ticket 10€

Single ticket 5€

Changes to timetables are possible.

Shuttle buses from Hyvinkää centre to festival area

Shuttle buses are going non-stop starting on Thursday at 14:00, Friday at 13:30 and Saturday at 12:30. Buses are leaving from Hyvinkää centre next to shopping centre Willa, name of the bus stop: Uusi kirkko I.

Last shuttle buses are leaving from the festival area around 1 hour after the last show. On the way back to Hyvinkää centre the stops are by shopping centre Willa and Hyvinkää train station.

Shuttle buses to Rockfest Camping

Shuttle buses are going from train station straight to the camping area every day during the festival between 12:00-18:00.

Departures from train station (Platform 7): 12:05, 13:05, 14:05, 15:05, 16:05 and 17:05.

Departures from Rockfest Camping to Hyvinkää centre: 12:15, , 13:15, 14:15, 15:15, 16:15 and 17:15.

On Sunday the buses are coming back from Rockfest camping to Hyvinkää centre and train station at 10:00, 11:00 and 12:00.

Shuttle buses  to school accommodation (Sveitsi high school)

There is transportation from train station to school accommodation in Sveitsi between 12:00-18:00.

Departures from train station (Platform 7): 12:05, 13:05, 14:05, 15:05, 16:05 and 17:05 .

Departures from school accommodation (name of the bus stop: Uimalan risteys P): 12:30, 13:30, 14:30, 15:30, 16:15 and 17:30.

The bus from school accommodation is going to centre and from there the shuttle bus takes you to the festival area.

Transportation back to school accommodation is leaving from the shuttle bus stop. Remember to tell the driver that you are going to the school accommodation.

On Sunday the buses are going to Hyvinkää centre and train station at 9:30, 10:30 and 11:30 from the school accommodation.


Charter bus stop is located in Ridasjärventie.


Turku – Salo – Rockfest

Tampere – Hämeenlinna – Rockfest

Pori – Rauma – Forssa – Rockfest

Jyväskylä – Rockfest

Lappeenranta – Kouvola – Rockfest

Kotka – Loviisa – Porvoo – Rockfest

Mikkeli – Heinola – Lahti – Rockfest

Hanko – Tammisaari – Karjaa – Lohja – Rockfest

Helsinki – Rockfest

Klaukkala – Nurmijärvi – Rajamäki – Rockfest

Kiljava (Hotel Kiljava) – Rockfest


Book your train tickets from VR.


Parking is allowed only on the defined places.

There is paid day parking near the festival area. You can purchase the tickets on site and in advance at Tiketti.

You can park your car in the Rockfest car park with a parking ticket. The parking space is located close to the festival area and Rockfest Camping. The purchased ticket will be exchanged for a parking ticket on site. Accommodation or sleeping in the parking is not allowed.

Parking is valid from Thursday to Sunday with the 3-day parking ticket. Parking is valid until 12:00 pm on the next day with the 1-day parking ticket.

  • TAXI

The official taxi partner of Rockfest is Valopilkku. More information coming soon.


The festival area is 3 km walk away from the center of Hyvinkää. Along the way there is Rest Points. More information coming soon.


Rockfest Camping is temporarily built camping area which is located next to the festival area. In Rockfest Camping you can stay in a tent, caravan, bus, Rockbox-cottage or with the whole crew in Rocktent.

Age limit to Rockfest Camping is 18.

Get your Rockfest Camping tickets from Tiketti.

Camping wristband 25€

For every camping product there is a separate ticket and with that you have to have camping wristband and festival wristband.

Camping tickets will be changed to camping wristbands at the camping gates. Wristbands are personal. Please note that everyone in the Rockfest Camping has to have festival wristband which is valid from the date of arrival until end of the festival.

With 3-day ticket/wristband camping is allowed from Thursday 12:00 pm until Sunday 12:00 pm

With 2-day ticket/wristband camping is allowed from Friday 12:00 pm until Sunday 12:00 pm

With 1-day Saturday ticket/wristband camping is allowed from Saturday 12:00 pm until Sunday 12:00 pm

With Thursday or Friday 1-day ticket/wristband is no access to Rockfest Camping.


Sveitsi High School

Teerimäenkatu 2-4, 05900 Hyvinkää

The school accommodation is 5 km away from the festival area and the shuttle bus is running between them. There is showers, toilets and cafe in the school accommodation. You need to bring your own mattress, sleeping bag/blanket and pillow.  You can leave your car in the free parking lot at your own risk.

Ticket to school accommodation is 95€ which is valid from Thursday 2nd of June 12:00 pm until Sunday 5th of June 12:00 pm. School accommodation tickets will be changed to wristbands. The wristband is personal and must not be removed during the festival. Wristband will always be checked upon the arrival. Each guest must have also ticket to Rockfest which is valid for the duration of the stay.


There is lots of accommodation options in Hyvinkää. If you wish to stay in the hotel or rent an apartment, check out Visit Hyvinkää!

There is official photographers and videographers at the festival area and the surroundings. The photos will be used in the festival marketing, social media and on the website Also the media is working at the festival.

Bringing own SLR, DSLR or video camera to the festival is prohibited. Recording video or audio and commercial filming of the performances is forbidden without a specific permission which is granted by the festival organization through accreditation. All recordings are made according to the copyright law and regulations.

Taking festival memories by phone is allowed and recommended!


Nelonen Media Live Oy

Janne Tamminen

Taija Holm, ProPromotion Oy

Accreditation starts at spring 2022.


Reservations and inquiry


Ticket orders to companys and groups (minimum 10 piece)

(In the order there should be company/buyer, how many tickets, what day tickets, billing information and business ID)

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